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The Tweenie Room

Our Tweenies are divided into two sections. This enables us to provide activities based on your child’s stage of development. Your child will grow and develop more in the first two years than in any other stage of their life. Both areas within our Tweenie room stage appropriate activities, that are planned to stimulate & bring on your child’s development. Both Tweenie groups have a very busy day with access to their own outdoor area, messy room and base room.

We are very busy in nursery, developing our skills that we have already learnt from home. We are learning to become more independent by making our own choices, and beginning to feed ourselves at lunch and snack time. During our busy time at nursery we explore and investigate new activities where we take turns and share. Our friends in the baby room sometimes join us and our teachers work together to create a relaxing environment for us.

Montessari approach

“Children must grow not only in the body, but in the spirit” Maria Montessori

At Bellevue Nursery we have adopted the principles of the Montessori methods. It is believed that the first 6 years of life mark a tremendous physical & psychological growth, exploration and development. The nursery environment provides sensory and motor experiences that will develop educational skills. All areas in the nursery are designed to help children develop the skills they will need to enjoy personal and educational success.

The circle of respect

The circle of respect is all about allowing your child the stimulation & independence he or she needs to grow into a healthy adult. Providing a suitable environment for your child to develop & the space he or she needs to become independent. Knowing when to intervene and when to step back and allow your child to solve problems alone. Remember independence is not neglect.

We treat your baby as we would any other human being. For example before we change his or her nappy or before we wipe a runny nose we explain to baby what we are about to do! Although we aren’t looking for a verbal response especially from our very young babies the familiar and reassuring tone of the adult will relax baby and make any experience more enjoyable.

The circle of respect itself is all about drawing an imaginary circle around baby and before you enter this circle you simply ask permission. We talk with not at your baby showing baby the respect he or she deserves.

Using the routines put into place in nursery we hope to provide a daily dose of dependability, structure & predictability for your child.